Legendary (unlike mythical) means much more than ‘belonging to legend (or myth)’, it speaks of greatness and romance:

• Many tales arose out of this legendary mountain —The Times, 2002.

It is best kept for people and achievements that belong to the past or are strongly associated with it, where legend is rooted. To use legendary in the context of the present or the recent past invites anticlimax:

• ☒ Jahangir Khan, the legendary Pakistani player who is now President of the World Squash Federation —sport website, 2004 [OEC].

• ☒ We will hear his legendary recording of 1985 —BBC radio broadcast, 2005.

These uses have become popular since the extension of the parent word legend to refer to contemporary celebrities such as film stars and pop ‘idols’ (another such word, now giving way to icon). These uses of legendary raise our hopes only to dash them in mild absurdity. When it is used in contexts that are specifically centred on history and not legend the effect can be laughably incongruous:

• ☒ Oliver Stone's biopic of the legendary leader [Alexander the Great] who ruled faraway lands more than 300 years before the birth of Christ —Independent, 2004.

Use it sparingly.

Modern English usage. 2014.

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